Cyclone ‘Daye’ Recedes, But Malkangiri Feels The Pinch, Water Crosses Danger Mark Under Gurupriya Setu

**Malkangiri/ Bhubaneswar: ** Even though it is claimed that the cyclonic storm ‘Daye’ has weakened into a deep depression and lay over south interior Odisha and neighbourhood, southern Odisha’s Malkangiri has borne the brunt.

Swelling water of Gurupriya river was witnessed kissing the famous Gurupriya Setu in Malkangiri that has been recently inaugurated by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Despite being a boon bestowed on the tribal populace of erstwhile cut-off areas (now re-christened as Swabhiman area) of Chitrakonda in the tribal-dominated district, Gurupyia Setu is deemed highly sensitive and guarded by security personnel as it is prone to the suspected evil designs of left wing extremists. The Maoists are vehemently opposed to it.

Sources alleged that the height of Gurupriya Setu is low for which the swelling river water was seen kissing it.

Balimela Reservoir CC Bijay Kumar Kalta informed, “Its Reserve Level (RL) is 460 metre (1511 feet) while its SRL is 462 metre (1516 feet). As the water level has crossed the danger level of 460 metre, 4 gates (Gate No 4, 5, 6 & 8) of Chitrakonda Reservoir have opened for release of flood water. 20,000 cusec water is being released through the four gates.”

Similar is the case with two low level bridges connecting Poteru where flood water is flowing over them.

Besides, Satiguda Canal has reportedly been washed away due to the Daye-triggered torrential rain’s devastating effect.

Following the landfall of cyclone ‘Daye’ last (Thursday) night, Malkangiri district has mainly been affected along with Ganjam district. However, no casualty has been reported while situation is improving, informed Odisha Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Bishnupada Sethi.
Briefing media at the State Secretariat here, Odisha Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Bishnupada Sethi informed, “Situation is improving. After some hours, it will further improve and situation will limp back to normalcy.”

He said, “As per the previous information, cyclone ‘Daye’ had its landfall last midnight near Gopalpur. After that, it will turn into deep depression and depression. Now it is near around Titilagarh. Thus, it will trigger rains in the interior districts. After that, the situation will be normal.”

“As per the report on rains in the last 24 hours available with us, 33 blocks have experienced above 100 mm rainfall. Due to this cyclone followed by rains, Malkangiri district has mainly been affected. In the last 24 hours, Malkangiri district has experienced 166.25 mm rainfall. While 403 mm in Korkunda block, 265 mm in Malkangiri block and other blocks have also experienced more rainfall,” informed the SRC.

He further informed, “Following the heavy rainfall, 2 villages of Malkangiri block and 3 colonies of the Malkangiri town were inundated. In Korkunda block, 2 villages were affected by water. Poteru village still remains marooned. Two low level bridges connect Poteru and water is flowing over it. 150 villagers of Poteru were rescued, accommodated at a safe place and district administration will take care of the relief operations. The market place of Poteru is also submerged. Besides, the roads connecting Poteru, Balimela, Kalimela, Malkangiri etc are lying cut off from rest of the world. Landslide has been reported from Chitrakonda.”

Also added, “As the people of Malkangiri have been affected, Rs 60 per day for each adult person and Rs 45 per day is being provided as gratuitous relief for 7 days. This has been directed by the Chief Minister. The district administration has been instructed to do so by means of cash transfer to their bank accounts forthwith. Also free kitchen facility will be provided besides other relief measures as per SDRF norms.”

He also informed, “585 persons have been evacuated from Chikiti, Ganjam and Rangeiluda block in Ganjam district last night. About 16000 pucca houses were built under the Odisha Disaster Recovery Project. Those persons were in those houses were found safe even amid the inclement weather condition.”

“The Chief Minister has directed us that there shouldn’t be any loss of life. We have been successful in achieving the ‘zero casualty mission’ of our Odisha. No person has been dead or injured in this cyclonic effect followed by rains,” the SRC stated.

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