Cyclone FANI Aftermath: Anganwadi Workers Sweat It Out For A Greater Good

Cuttack: While Cyclone Fani has proved to be one of the most fatal natural disasters in the state, it was very essential to ensure that pregnant women and children are taken care of, and the people who efficiently made it possible are the Anganwadi workers of Cuttack.

The workers have been taking long shifts to ensure that the pregnant women are given proper treatment and the children are properly attended. They have also systematically maintained record of all the women and children who are sheltered in their organization.

On being asked about the nature of work, one of the workers Sujata Sahu said, “Our own houses are broken, but due to the order from the Health Department, we immediately attended to all the patients and shifted the pregnant women to the hospital”.

“We have left everything just to perform our duty and help the people in need” she added.

It is notable to mention here that almost 1600 pregnant women had been transferred from cyclone-affected areas and 330 expectant mothers delivered babies during Cyclone FANI.

The successful conduction of the evacuation wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these workers and their hard work has saved many lives. 


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