Cyclone FANI Aftermath: Common Man & Out-Of-State Labourers Join Hands To Help In Power Restoration

Bhubaneswar: It has been a week of darkness in capital city. While electricity has been restored in parts of Bhubaneswar, electricians are toiling hard to bring back complete normalcy in the smart city. Joining hands with them are common man and out-of-State labourers, who are equally dediated to the cause.

Many denizens have started complaining about delay in restoration of power without realising the effort that is being put up by the workers under the scorching Sun. But, Keshab Chandra Dhir of Gadakana Mahinanagar is not among them.

Despite the roof of his own house having blown away, Keshab did not waste any time and immediately began restoration work of the city. He visited the CESU office and realised that the limited number of electricians were already engaged in power supply restoration of main areas.

“I understood that we have to support the electricians in order to expedite the process. So, I and some of the other locals got equipments from CESU Office and began clearing roads, untangling wires, fixing poles and drawing cables. Wherever whatever is possible, we are doing,” he said.

On the other hand, a group of youths from West Bengal are also sweating it out to help Odisha stand on its own feet again. Mihir Dadu of Malda, West Bengal said “We were working for Godrej Company in Bolangir. Immediately after Cyclone FANI wreaked havoc in Bhubaneswar and completely damaged the energy infrastructure, we were deputed to the capital city. Here, we are carefully managing the wires, drawing cables and fixing poles.”

Mihir and his team have been constantly charging electric lines to restore power supply in domestic areas. Their work starts at 3 pm in the afternoon and continues till 9 pm in the night. “We don’t know when we will return but we will go back home only after finishing work and lighting up Bhubaneswar completely,” he said. Similarly, a team from Jamshedpur, sent by TATA company, is also helping Odisha fight back FANI.

These spirited common men and out-of-State labourers have truly become the backbone of restoration services.


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