Cyclone FANI Aftermath: Life-Savers Who Are Helping People Brave Scorching Heat & Long Queues

Bhubaneswar: As Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation began relief distribution today in the aftermath of Cyclone FANI, a long queue of distressed people amassed in front of Capital High School here. The serpent line extended several meters upto Bhima Bhoi blind school. Those in the back of the queue looked tired and dehydrated waiting to receive their relief materials. At such a time, the members of Satya Sai Seva Trust became life-savers for the people.

Bringing in a huge container of curd, lassi and water, the members of this organization started distributing energising liquids to the people standing in queue. In order to keep people’s spirits up and aid them in reaching the front of the line, Sai Trust volunteers provided free glass of water to those waiting under the Sun and facing the wrath of the heat.

Bijay Pradhan, member of the Trust said, “We saw the long queue and people were wiping sweat from their foreheads. Many were in a dehydrated state. We immediately decided to do whatever was possible in our capacity and brought in a huge quantity of to give water, curd and lassi.”

“Even if we are facing problems in the heat, we have learnt from SAI Baba that people only have to understand each other help each other to come out of a difficult situation. All our members have been divided into team and are distributing food, water, biscuit, relief, all across Bhubaneswar,” he added and continued serving water as people happily chugged the drink.


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