Cyclone FANI Aftermath: Meet The Driving Force Behind Restoration Work

Bhubaneswar: While restoration of electricity, water supply and mobile connectivity is priority after the trail of destruction left behind Cyclone FANI, the first step is clearing of uprooted trees from the main roads. Without this step, nothing can follow. And the main forces behind this move are the truck and JCB drivers, who carry the huge tree trunks and branches off the roads.

Despite their own problems, these drivers pull off 12-14 hours of duty in peak summer. As soon as NDRF, ODRAF and Fire Services Personnel cut the trees, the drivers pick up the debris and drive to the dumping grounds.

One Pintu, who has been deputed in Dumduma area, said “I was there in Bhubaneswar during the cyclone. Walls of my house have collapsed. The gates have crashed. There is no water and mosquitoes are not letting me sleep in the night.”

“However, I am committed to the cause of smart city. I pray that Bhubaneswar returns to its full glory soon,” he added.

Another tractor driver Prakash Majhi said, “When we take away the trees from a locality, people become very happy by seeing their surroundings clean. We too feel proud after seeing the smiles on people’s faces.”

It is notable to mention here that the Engineering Wing has deployed 25 Haiwa trucks, 16 JCBs and 30 tractors to clean up the debris in 10 wards of BMC for the sanitation management in addition to BMC’s own 25 tractors.

On the other hand, four other sanitation agencies have deployed 30 JCBs, 55 tippers, 10 Haiwas, 100 tractors, 18 compactors, 10 dumper presser and 23 auto-rickshaw tippers.


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