Cyclone FANI Aftermath: This Young Volunteer Group Is Providing Free Food To The Distressed In Puri

Puri: Staying true to its name, Jai Jagannath Seva Samiti Trust of Cuttack has set up camp in heritage town Puri to help the distressed people after the landfall of extremely severe Cyclone FANI. While the city and its neighboring areas have been left in shambles, the group has decided to lend a hand and help the people rise from the ashes.

Setting up a free community kitchen service in the city, these young volunteers are providing people with rice and dal. Those affected are also welcome to bring large containers and take extra food to store at home.

Team leader Manoj Panda said, “In Cuttack, we distributed polythene, food and biscuit packets after the cyclone. Soon, we realized that Puri is in more trouble. We started gathering money from our pockets and left for Puri the next day.”

The group has decided to continue this service till normalcy is restored. After that, the volunteers will take up planting of trees and help bring back the green cover of the tourist spot.

“There is no selfish reason behind the move. For us, service is selfless and we expect no gains out of this,” he said as he served another helping to a widow. “Instead of blaming others, citizens should come together at such testing times. Social service is the only way to help battle a disaster of such a magnitude,” he concluded.

Also a team of college students from Bhubaneswar played the role of Good Samaritans in Puri today.

 They donated from their own pockets and distributed ‘Chuda’ (flattened rice), biscuits and candles to the people adversely affected by the recent severe cyclonic storm ‘FANI’. 

Moved by the plight and untold miseries of the people reeling under there even after seven days, these magnanimous collegiates volunteered to render such a noble service.


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