Cyclone FANI: Hear The Harrowing Experiences Of Bhubaneswar Denizens

Bhubaneswar: The denizens of capital city Bhubaneswar were not prepared for the turn of events that occurred on Friday. The smart city people had expected strong winds due to Cyclone FANI, but had not imagined storm close to 200 kmph. While the Cyclone left behind widespread damage and destruction, OMMCOM NEWS gathered some harrowing experiences of the people.

One Rajeshwar Behera narrated, “I have seen 1999 Super Cyclone, Hudhud , Phailin. But, FANI was the most ferocious of them all. When the first phase of winds got over by 11 am, we all were relived. We thought that everything is over. Turns out, it was the eye of the storm. As soon as the eye crossed, the second phase of winds started causing most damage to the temple city.”

Another Ashok Kumar said, “Bhubaneswar has lost everything. Houses, shops, wires, walls, everything has been reduced to the ground. This kind of unprecedented damage has never been seen before.”

Sarat Nayak recounted, “1999 Super Cyclone happened in the middle of the night. Nobody was aware of it. But, FANI hit the land in the morning. We were witnesses to the dangerous roaring sounds of the wind and its intensity can never be forgotten.”

Gagan said, “I have only word for the entire event- Disaster. Just when we thought that everything was over, it struck again. The cyclone caught us off-guard, when we were the most vulnerable. Now, we have to see how long does it take to restore essential services.”

Another Pradip Kumar simply put, “This was the rebirth of Super Cyclone. Bhubaneswar has aged backward by 20 years.”


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