Cyclone FANI: Know Why Gopalpur Fishermen Are On Tenterhooks

Ganjam: As predicted by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), extremely severe Cyclone FANI is set to make landfall between Gopalpur and Chandbali on May 3.  In view of this, fishermen in low-lying village Markandi have started getting panicky as boats and country crafts may get torn from their moorings.

One GVM Rao said, “2-3 cyclones are hitting Odisha coast every year. So, we are really suffering due to this. While government is helping us, complete rehabilitation is difficult as all our boats are getting destroyed. Currently, we are all very nervous as big waves have started approaching.”

In a village of 5000 population, majority of the population is dependent on fishing and fishery related activities for their livelihood. These people are concerned about losing all their equipments in the gusty winds. As waves are getting stronger, the fear of destruction of houses and boats is keeping them anxious.

One Enejoga Rao said, “Officers have advised us not to venture out into the sea. Since the sea mouths are not open, the boats and crafts are getting destroyed. Some empty boats are still in the waters and we couldn’t get them back as sea conditions have become very rough.”

While evacuation of these nervous fishermen to safer places is currently underway, NDMA has advised them to:

Keep a radio set with extra batteries handy

Keep boats/rafts tied up in a safe place

Don’t venture out in the sea


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