Cyclone Fani Triggers Power Outage: Traditional Hand-Fans Sell Like Hotcakes In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: With no power supply in Bhubaneswar from the past four days, people are facing terrible times under the gruelling summer. Thanks to cyclone Fani, the city has lost its green cover.

The electricity is out, so the electric fan is out of question. Under these circumstances, people of the Temple City have turned to the traditional hand fans, to cool themselves.

The proverb goes ‘Without a water pitcher and shoes, one will suffer in the summer.” And when Fani’s aftermath worsen the summer scar, people resort to traditional ways to keep themselves cool.

Traditional perhaps, but the hand fan still sells in high numbers, proving that’s more than simply a cheap method for over-heated. 

A hand fan seller is having a gala sale since Sunday morning. During peak hours it is becoming difficult for him to manage hordes of customers who line up to buy at least half a dozen hand fans for their family.

The class of customers vary. Given the harsh conditions, those coming in flashy cars have no qualms in getting out of the sedans and picking up hand fans which are badly needed back home.

“I never thought I could manage a brisk and profitable business this summer. But things have turned out to be different. The power outage is proving to be a blessing for my business,” a fan trader at Kalpana Square said.

The scene remains the same all throughout Bhubaneswar. At least 1,000 small and big fan sellers spread across the city are making a good business over the past four days. At times these petty traders run out of stock.

“My cousin who makes these fans back in my village has joined me in the city. I am not able to manage the business alone. Besides, the stock is being replenished at frequent intervals as we started manufacturing the hand fans at a makeshift house at a slum here. There is no time to shuttle between village and the city,” the trader added.


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