Daughters’ Feud Over Property Delays Mother’s Last Rites In Odisha

18 February 2020


Berhampur: A dispute over the distribution of property amongst four sisters delayed the last rites of their mother. The despicable arguments continued for over three hours and only came to an end after the interference of police and locals.

The said incident occurred yesterday late night in Sri Ram Nagar area under Bada Bazar police limits of Berhampur town.

The deceased, Suryamani Sahoo, was the widow of Tara Charan Sahoo. Tara Charan was a former Army man and had passed away in 2001. The aged widow had been unwell since August last year and was getting treated at MKCG Medical College and Hospital here. The deceased’s eldest daughter Meena Kumari Sahoo lived with her and took her care. Meanwhile, her other daughters- Sandhya Rani Sahoo, Sanjukta Kumari Sahoo and Aruna Rani Sahoo lived away.

After being unwell for an elongated period, Suryamani breathed her last yesterday night. While the family was preparing for last rites, the sisters reportedly got into a spat regarding the distribution of property. The spat turned ugly and Meena locked the house.

As per sources, the squabble went on for three hours, while Suryamani’s body lay unattended in front of the house. After interventions of local police and the neighbours, the sisters were convinced to sort out their matter alter and finish the rituals of last rites first.

With children quitting on parents and sending them to old age homes was always sad, sisters fighting over the property and hence delaying the last rites of mother is a new low for us as a society.