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Decline In Covid-19 Cases Likely Towards Sept End: Director of Public Health

Bhubaneswar: Covid-19 cases are likely to decline towards the end of September, informed Dr. Niranjan Mishra, Director of Public Health, Odisha today.

“Overall we expect it to start its decline towards the end of September,” said Dr. Mishra while cautioning that it is very difficult to make predictions and one should avoid getting into that.

Several people are coming up with forecasts, he added.

“It is very difficult to make such predictions since it all depends on how people obey and follow the guidelines, maintain social distance and help in checking transmission,” the Director of Public Health clarified.

Dr. Mishra explained that the objective of “test, track & treat” is to get the maximum number of people tested so that positives are identified and isolated to check further transmission and treat them to get them cured.

“It is only through this approach and phases that the transmission or number of cases have declined wherever it has gone down-in any district or State,” he added.

Dr. Mishra warned that since the markets etc. have been unlocked,  opened for general economic activities there is a possibility of spreading of Covid-19 if people do not follow standard precautions like social distancing, wearing of a mask, and hand washing.

The Director of Public Health was of the view that since a majority of 80% of the infected are asymptomatic they can be treated at their homes by undergoing home isolation.

It has been found that people prefer for home isolation since they get better nursing in the comforts of their homes, he added.


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