Demand For Digital Media On Rise In Time Of Corona Epidemic

Bhubaneswar: The state-wide lockdown amid COVID-19 epidemic has forced denizens to indoors and dependent on media houses for a regular news update. Jumping ahead of its cousins — print and television media is digital media.

Let us dig a bit deeper into this thought.

India over the last few years saw a boom in its Internet users. Economical availability of data plans had people hooked to their smartphones making India one of the top consumers of Internet data. Having the world at their fingertips and getting updated on an event as it happened gradually became more preferable than reading a newspaper or waiting for a news bulletin on television sets. This is specifically truer for always-on-the-move Gen X.

The parents and grandparents were soon to follow but still had an attachment to reading newspaper fresh in the morning or watching a news telecast. However, in the current scenario, when states are ordering lockdown for containment of COVID-19, has turned tables in favour of digital media.

States like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and others have ordered lockdown with the state machinery working at a bare minimum.

In Odisha, all media publication houses irrespective of the medium are receiving press notes and/or feed from various government agencies. And as per a recent directive from the State Government, the media publication houses have been asked to keep the news flowing in addition to keeping misinformation at bay.

Digital media has the added advantage of posting remotely which its counterparts print and television media do not afford. The lockdown and need for social distancing have worst affected the print media seconded by television media and acted as a boon for digital media.


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