Demolition Of Mutts In Puri Evoke Mixed Feelings

Bhubaneswar: Demolition of mutts and other structures up to a radial distance of 75 metres (security zone) from the ‘Meghanad Pacheri’ (perimeter wall of Shree Jagannath temple) in Puri has evoked mixed reactions among citizens in the Capital City here.

“Out of the four dhams in India, Puri is one. It has great significance, its beautification and security is of utmost importance. Eviction of encroachers is a welcome step, at the same time their rehabilitation is even more welcome. Demolition of mutts and other ancient structures is not proper. There are several ancient things which are yet to find a place in history. Demolishing the existing ones instead of conducting research on them is very bad,” said Mahendra Kumar, a resident of Bhubaneswar, who works in a private hospital.

“These mutts have been in existence since 800-900 years and the temple is secure. Now that they are saying with demolition of these mutts the temple will be secure. Then let that be,” said Prasanna Puja Panda, a priest of Lingaraj temple.

“This is a welcome step. Puri will get a world heritage tag. Lord Jagannath’s culture will gain worldwide popularity.But with demolition of ancient mutts I apprehend with the demolition will be lost a part of the ancient civilisation forever,” said Balaram Mishra, a teacher. 

“This is a very welcome step. Several of the mutts are in unsafe condition; if any mishap takes place then people will blame the government as to why the government had not razed them. The government has also announced a rehabilitation package for them,” remarked Bijay Mangaraj, a resident of Old Town area of the Capital City.


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