Demon King Kansa Takes Charge Of Road Safety During Dhanu Jatra

Bargarh: The District Transport Manager (Admn), OSRTC, Bargarh was sentenced a fine of two lakh gold coins by demon king Kansa during a tour of his mythological kingdom Mathura on the second day of the annual open-air theatre Dhanu Jatra.

On hearing grievances of his subjects relating to the Government Bus Stand in his kingdom, the king came to know that the bus stand is full of garbage and it lacks lavatory for women. Besides, the bus drivers were accused of drunk driving, not wearing a seat belt and talking on mobile while driving.

Following it, he visited the bus stand and fined the District Transport Manager. He even threatened of dire consequences if anyone is found driving without a helmet, without a license, under the influence of alcohol, not wearing a seat belt or is talking on mobile.

It is worthwhile to mention that the town of Bargarh turns into Mathura which is ruled by demon king Kansa for 11 days every year during Dhanu Jatra. Artist Bhubaneswar Pradhan has again donned the role of Kansa this year.

Bhubaneswar Pradhan, Demon King Kansa