Dengue Scare: BMC Issues Guidelines, Warns Of Action Against Violators

Bhubaneswar: In view of reported cases of dengue in some parts of the city and since dengue causing mosquitoes normally breed in hard places, uncovered containers with stagnant clean water; the Bhubaneswar Municipal Commission (BMC) has urged all to prevent such stagnation of clean water/rainwater.

To prevent any possible outbreak of this mosquito-borne viral disease and its spread, the civic body has issued a set of guidelines to be adhered to by all concerned.

The set of guidelines are as follows:

  1. The public parks which are closed due to COVID-19 spread should be inspected and places, where there is a possibility of stagnant water of clean water or rainwater like open dustbins, discarded containers, sitting area of the see-saw, the bottom area of child sliders etc., should be checked and cleaned and steps should be made to cover these containers or area so that water is not stored there for breeding of mosquitoes.
  2. All heads of the Government offices should ensure that there is no stagnant water present within their office premises including their rooftop. A responsible staff may be given the responsibility for checking this aspect every day as soon as the office opens.
  3. All heads of educational institutions should also take similar steps for preventing storage of clean water inside their premises and assign this task for checking every day with a responsible officer.
  4. The Head of all private offices should follow the same procedure like that of Government Offices.
  5. The Factory/Industrial houses in charge to take special care in preventing this within their premises. They should take immediate steps to prevent stagnation of clean water and conduct regular checks on their premises.
  6. The seized vehicles lying inside the Police station premises are also a potential source of stagnant rainwater which attracts the mosquitoes for their breeding. The IIC concern to take special care and clear all such stored stagnant water and cover the vehicle area to prevent storing the rainwater in vehicles.
  7. The vehicle repairing shops/garage owners/tyre puncture repairing shops have also a large role to play in preventing the storage of clean stagnant water in the vehicle parts/tyres which stores rainwater. They should cover such areas forthwith and prevent stagnation of water.
  8. All the office-bearers of the Resident Welfare Association to take steps to prevent any such clean water logging within their premises to prevent breeding.

The BMC has asked all concerned to follow the guidelines scrupulously.

The civic body has warned that its enforcement wing will conduct surprise checks on all such establishments mentioned and anyone found violating will be penalized /prosecuted as per law.