Dense Fog: Motorboat with 30 Onboard Gets Lost In Sea

Kendrapara: A motorboat carrying 30 people, including women and children, was stranded in the sea near Rajnagar of Kendrapara district, today. A blanket of heavy fog engulfed the area which made the helmsman lose sense of direction.

According to sources, the incident took place early in the morning while a group of passengers was on their way to Chandabali from Talachua through Brahmani-Baitarani river mouth.

Sharing his ordeal in a video, one of the passengers said, “We were on our way to Chandabali from Talachua. Due to heavy fog, we lost sense of direction and the boat moved towards Kalibhanjdia-Karnaliaghat near Dhamra Port. The helmsman refused to move any further until the fog reduced, lest we get stranded once again.”

After being stuck in the middle of the water for more than two hours, the boat found its way and reached its destination, sources said. All the passengers on the ferry boat are reported to be safe, sources added.

Heavy fog has brought down visibility levels affecting commuters in the State. Yesterday, a boat carrying 30 passengers were stranded in the Chilika Lake as dense fog severely affected the visibility.

Passenger Of Stranded Boat Shares His Ordeal


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