Deogarh’s Bengashula NH-49 Bridge Caves In

**Deogarh:** Following torrential rain and thundershower on Friday night in Deogarh district, the Bengashula Bridge near Baniakilinda on the national highway connecting Mumbai-Howrah caved in bringing vehicular movement to a grinding halt on Saturday.

Fleet of both heavy and light vehicles have been forced to be stranded and tailing behind each other on both sides of the bridge.

The bridge is known as Bengashula Canal Bridge along the NH-49 linking Mumbai and Howrah.

Deogarh ADM Dr Bhakta Charan Pradhan rushed to the spot to take stock of the situation.
Talking to media he said, “Last night above 100 mm rainfall has been recorded. The concerned NHAI authorities have been sounded and necessary alternative arrangements are being made for diverting the route for vehicular movements and other necessary steps are being underway”.


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