Devotee Donates Lotuses For Lord Jagannath’s Padma Besha

Puri: Chintamani Dash, in his early 70’s is a retired Sanskrit teacher but what makes him stand out is his devotion, love, and dedication to Lord Jagannath.

Dash has been donating lotus flowers for the Padma Besha ritual of Lord Jagannath and his siblings at the Shree Mandir here for the last 11 years since 2011.

He has donated over 1008 lotus flowers for the Padma Besha of the Lords to be held today.

He was seen heading to the Simha Dwar carrying the flowers packed in a basket on his head.

He has also offered garlands of 108 lotuses for the deities of Mahalaxmi, Bimala, and Bhuvaneswari.

Sources said Dash, a native of Marshaghai area of Kendrapara district who has been living in Bhubaneswar since 1980 has taken four ponds near Dhauli on lease to collect lotus flowers for the Padma Besha of Lord Jagannath.

Dash has engaged several workers to pluck the flowers and had been keeping a strict vigil around the lotus ponds to prevent anyone from plucking the flowers.