Dhenkanal Youth Gifts Wife ‘Land On Moon’ On Birthday

Dhenkanal: A resident of Dhenkanal, Mohammed Sajan has gifted his wife Nazia a unique birthday present. Sajan, a software engineer by profession has bought 5 acres land on Moon and gifted it to his wife on her first birthday after their marriage.

The land, which cost Sajan USD 519, was purchased through the Lunar Registry. “I had a dream to gift this land on the moon to my wife after I heard about late Sushant Singh Rajput buying a plot on Earth’s natural satellite,” he said.

Both Sajan and Nazia are delighted with their new asset on Moon. Sajan works as techie in Kuwait but now he is working from home following the COVID crisis. I also made a beautiful gift card showing our asset on the Moon.

Mohammed Sajan, Software Engineer