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Dhenkanal’s Man-Killer Tusker ‘Rakesh’ Now ‘Tamed’ & Let Loose To Natural Enclosure

Dhenkanal: The Forest Department has finally freed the killer tusker into an open enclosure in Kapilash area after treating it medically and getting it tamed by an elephant trainer from Assam. However, a strict vigil is being kept and its behaviour is on a constant scanner.

Earlier, Rakesh had been a man-killer and had run amok in Talcher area following which it was tranquillized and brought to Kapilash-based Elephant Rescue Centre on January 22 this year.

Initially, it had been chained for which the leg had sustained serious wounds and posed threat to its life. Hence, it underwent treatment and was shifted to a wooden crawl on June 11. Two days back, it has been released into an open enclosure.

Briefing media, Dhenkanal DFO Prakash Chandra Goguneni informed, “As you know well how the tusker was tranquillized and brought here in January this year. It took a pretty long time to heal its injuries in the leg and on the belly. After treatment, the wounds got cured. It was put inside a wooden cage of 12×18 ft. A mahout (elephant trainer) from Assam was roped in following which the rowdy animal could be tamed down. Our committee headed by the CCCF decided to let it free into an open enclosure of 1 hectare of land and accordingly, it has been released since September 24.”

“The open enclosure has been surrounded by trenches and solar fencing. It is in the Katla sanctuary that is replete with vegetation so that the elephant can roam around and feed itself comfortably. Water facility has also been done. This is the second step taken by us. The third step would be to let it totally free in the jungle or not. This is to be decided by our committee as well as at the Government level later on,” the DFO observed.

Prakash Chandra Goguneni, DFO, Dhenkanal


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