Director Health Advises People With Cold, Fever To Get Tested For Covid-19

Bhubaneswar: Symptoms of Covid-19 are changing, now people with normal cold and fever are testing positive for Covid-19, cautioned Director of Health Services (DHS) Dr Bijay Mohapatra.

So, therefore, people suffering from cold and fever should get tested for Covid-19, advised Dr Mohapatra.

By getting tested apart from one staying safe himself/herself can keep 30 others safe, he added.

Expressing concern over people not following Covid protocol in public places, the DHS apprehended that it could pose a major danger in the coming days.

While expressing the need for awareness among the public, Dr Mohapatra advised people not to move out of their homes than that is needed.

Commenting on the surge in infections in Sundargarh and Burla, the DHS said that there is nothing to worry about since the infections are limited to specific pockets.

He informed that following the detection of infection in VIMSAR and Sundargarh, these pockets have been declared as containment zones.

No student from these zones are allowed to move out neither is anyone from outside allowed to enter. The State government, Health Department and the district administrations are alert over the situation, Dr Mohapatra said.

Since severity among the infected students is less, therefore there is no reason to panic, the DHS stated.

Surveillance has been intensified and the situation will come under control within 4-5 days, he added.