Does Odisha Public Support Political Parties’ Protest On Fuel Hike? Find Out

**Bhubaneswar:** The on-going protests staged by BJD leaders over surging fuel prices have touched the raw nerve of the public. While Congress gears up for a nationwide ‘Bharat Bandh’ on September 10, the ruling party of Odisha has already come out on the streets to voice the public’s opinions loud and clear.

The suggestion of bringing fuel under the ambit of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and reduction in Central Excise Duty echoes vociferously in people’s opinions. This standpoint was brought out in the open today by BJD leaders and capital city denizens rejoiced as their views were finally being reflected by their chosen representatives.

Sudarshan Mohapatra, a capital city resident said, “Our leaders have started the protest and it is the first step towards bringing down the rocket-high prices. It feels really good that the political leaders are in public’s support. I am all ready to join the agitation if there is a need.”

Another Ankita Patnaik reacted, “Right now, the fuel prices are in an upward trend. When this trend slows down, only then all the classes of the society can calm their nerves. I feel this protest is a good step forward in that direction and I hope at the end of this agitation, fuel comes under the GST scanner.”

One Arjun Das said, “The blow from the soaring fuel prices has been very hard. The financial pressure is mounting and I feel protest from political parties is the right step forward in making Centre Government realize its mistake. I firmly believe that petrol price should be within Rs 50-Rs 60. So, I completely support the protest and I am all in favour of it.”

Another Madan Mohan Dutta said, “In the situation we are dealing with right now, one has to think twice before we filling up the vehicle’s tank with even one litre of petrol. If this trend continues then prices might reach Rs 100 soon. The situation needs to be controlled before we get to see that horrific day. So, I am absolutely for the protests by the political parties and whatever step BJD deems fit in controlling fuel prices, I will be in support of it in the future as well.”

One Amiya Ranjan Das concluded, “Petrol prices have gone from Rs 61 to Rs 78 in this year. This surge can only be controlled when GST is applied to fuel prices as well. To make the Centre Government realize this, I vehemently support the current state-wide and the upcoming nation-wide protest and I am even ready to participate in them. I will do anything to make Modi realize that he has not kept his promise ‘Acche Din’.”

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