‘Double B’ Is To Cheat People Of Kendrapada, People Won’t Allow To Be Cheated Again: BJD

Bhubaneswar: Launching once again a vitriolic attack on BJP’s Kendrapada MP candidate Baijayant Panda as well as the saffron party, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) today alleged that a new form of cheating known as ‘Double-B’ is going to take place against the people of Kendrapada.

Addressing a joint press conference today, BJD spokesperson Sulata Deo ridiculed, “Now a new form of cheating is going to take place against the people of Kendrapada. This cheating is known as Double-B cheating. You have heard of Double-Engine but now its Double-B, Baijayant and BJP. In this situation, the people of Kendrapada will only get cheated in 2019. We want the people of Kendrapada to realize the level of cheating that has happened with them by Baijayant Panda and not to give him another opportunity to cheat.”

BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra argued, “The same person is submitting two different affidavits. Obviously question is being raised. In 2018, the people of Kendrapada realized this cheating and filed a criminal case in the court against this false affidavit of Baijayant Panda. So there is a widespread criticism.”

“The question is why BJP is silent on such cheating by Baijayant Panda and still has him as their MP candidate for Kendrapada. The reason is that both BJP and Baijayant want to cheat the people of Kendrapada. BJP has not uttered a word about this cheating by Baijayant Panda (false election affidavit suppressing commercial interests in mining company IMFA and about one crore rupees that he used to earn yearly from IMFA). BJP, which does press meets on press meets and media bytes on media bytes, has gone completely silent,” further argued the BJD.

BJD spokesperson Lenin Mohanty alleged, “Their leader Dharmendra Pradhan is silent and does not open his mouth in this case. Why?  Because he is equally worried that if he opens his mouth on the cheating of Baijayant Panda then his own criminal links and that he is a supporter of criminals like gangster Tito and gangsters D-Brothers will come out in the open. Therefore, he and BJP keep quiet in this matter and support Baijayant Panda in cheating the people of Kendrapada.”

“Baijayant Panda will extract his business interests through the BJP for his mining company and in return Dharmendra Pradhan’s political links would not be exposed by Baijayant Panda’s media arm,” alleged the BJD in its press note adding, “We are confident that the people of Kendrapada will not allow the Double-B (Baijayant and BJP) to cheat them in 2019 and take them for granted.”

On the contrary, Odisha BJP vice-president Samir Mohanty countered, “Were they (BJD) sleeping when Baijayant Babu was in BJD in 2014? When he was in BJD, he was good and when in BJP he has turned bad. Such a political enmity had never been witnessed in the history of Odisha.”