Dowry Killing: Husband Strangulates Wife, 2-Yr-Old Son, Burns Bodies

**Rourkela: ** A woman and her two-year-old son were found charred to death in their own house in Birmitrapur near Rourkela in Sundergarh district as a fire engulfed the duo.

The deceased woman is identified as Rakhi Sahoo of Gandhi road, Birmitrapur.
This gruesome incident took place on Saturday morning when only the mother and son were present in the house.

Police rushed to the spot and have seized the bodies for post-mortem.

Sunny Sahoo, the husband was interrogated by the irate locals following which he confessed to have strangulated both of them before setting ablaze.

The police have arrested him and investigation is on.

It is alleged that Rakhi was constantly being tortured by her husband in lieu of dowry expectations which remained unfulfilled.