Elaborate Security Arrangements In Bhubaneswar For Bharat Bandh Tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: The Commssionerate of Poice have made elaborate arrangements to deal with workers and protesters trying to disturb peace and order during Bharat Bandh tomorrow.

DCP Anup Sahoo said that the Strike Force will be deployed at vantage points and police stations. At least 15 platoon force will be stationed at various important offices in the city.

“Senior officers will be leading these forces and keeping a watch on the situation. We will be making special arrangement for keeping the traffic movement normal,” he added.

Speaking about the bandh CPI (M) Leader Janardan Pati said that the protests will be peaceful and public will not be disturbed. “We have carried out 18 strikes in the past ten years protesting the anti-worker policies of the Centre.”

“This will be the 19th strike. However, the Government continues to maintain the same anti-people, anti-farmer, anti-worker stand. Major political parties will support the strike in Odisha along with large masses from across the State,” he added.

“The protestors will not indulge in violence in any force or disturb the order of the city. We have requested the police to identify and detain anti-socials who take advantage of such protests to create problems for the common public,” added Pati.

Anup Sahoo, DCP, Bhubaneswar

Janardan Pati, CPI (M) Leader

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