Elections 2019: Will Naveen Play Kingmaker At Centre?

**Bhubaneswar: ** Kickstarting his poll campaign from Nayagarh yesterday, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) supremo-cum-Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik exuded confidence that the consecutively four-time ruling party is going to clinch all the 21 Lok Sabha seats this time in the State and play a pivotal role in formation of Government at the Centre.

Addressing the gathering at Nayagarh, Naveen has said that no national party would get majority this time in Centre and his party BJD would play a key role in forming the Government at the Centre by winning 21 out of the 21 Lok Sabha seats in Odisha.

Notably, BJD had won 20 out of the 21 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 general elections despite the pan India Modi magic.

In his reactions, senior journalist and poll pundit Rabi Das said, “If he (Naveen Patnaik) bags 21 Lok Sabha seats from Odisha, he will definitely play a pivotal role. Last elections, he had won 20 seats from Odisha. Clinching all 21 seats couldn’t materialize. Despite 20 seats won last time, he couldn’t play any significant role at the Centre. It was because, Narendra Modi won full majority.”

He further stated, “This time we hope and all too think. Whatever Narendra Modi had promised the people of Odisha last time, he failed to keep. Hence, he won’t be able to have the same majority this time. If at all falls short of the majority, there will be need for the support of regional parties. The regional parties may form alternative Government at the Centre with Congress. But, it all depends on the poll results.”

He rather lampooned, “BJP was claiming 120 seats, but consequently it was found that they could announce the names of the candidates after poaching candidates from other parties.”

“BJD still appears to be at advantage. The results of previous polls and this time too evince the reason. There isn’t considerable dent in Naveen Patnaik’s popularity,” the senior scribe remarked.

Another senior journalist and poll pundit Dilip Bisoi opined, “The claim the Chief Minister has made at Nayagarh meeting, he hasn’t exaggerated. In 2009, they (BJD) had won 14 MP seats and in 20014, they have won 20 seats. Hence, hoping for one more seat and it isn’t impossible.”

He explained, “In the present political scenario in India, there are two prime alliance-BJP-led NDA and Congress-led Mahagathbandhan. Going by this composition, it is implied that neither Congress nor BJP will get majority of their own. Thus, they have to seek the support of allies. Even the Congress-led alliance or BJP-led alliance may not be able to form Government at the Centre. So, they may require the support of those parties who have been keeping equidistance from both Congress and BJP.”

“Keeping this view, the Chief Minister has stated like that.If BJD wins 21 out of the 21 seats, any of the alliance has to seek the support of BJD to form Government at the Centre,” the poll pundit argued.

The senior scribe remarked, “There is more possibility of winning 21 seats this time against the present 20 seats won last time. There is least chance of increasing BJP’s tally from its present one seat to 21 seats. It all depends on the voters of Odisha to whom give the chance of 21 seats.”

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