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Elephant Carcass Found In Dhenkanal Paddy Field

Dhenkanal: In yet another elephant death in the state, a tusker was found lying dead in a paddy field here in the district this morning.

As per reports, the incident has taken place in Patharakhamba village under Mahabiroda Forest Range of Dhenkanal Forest Division here.

Discovering the carcass lying in the field, the villagers immediately intimated the Forest Department following which the officials rushed to the spot and initiated enquiry.

While the cause of death is yet to be ascertained, the investigation is on. However, it is suspected that last night’s lightning might have been a reason behind the sudden demise of the pachyderm.

Responding to media query, Dhenkanal DFO Prakash Chandra Gojineni said, “The age of the tusker is expected to be between 10-12 years. We’re examining the cause of its death from various angles. I’m ruling out electrocution as here there is no electricity current line in the nearby surroundings. No external injury is being detected. Slight bleeding has been noticed from the mouth.”

“Our veterinarian will conduct the autopsy and the cause can be known. Also, we will be sending sample to our laboratory for forensic science test. Then only the real cause of death can be ascertained if the tusker has been poisoned or not. But, at present, nothing is known externally,” the DFO explained.

Prakash Chand Gojineni, DFO, Dhenkanal


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