Elephant Tramples Forest Guard To Death In Rourkela Forest Range

**Bhubaneswar: ** The ongoing man versus elephant tussle has taken another victim, this time of a forest guard near Gudachhapal village adjacent to Kuanrmunda Range of Rourkela Forest Division on Saturday.

The incident happened when a team of twenty guards along with a range officer were trying to drive away a herd of five elephants from the vicinities of the village.
The squad of guards had successfully driven four elephants towards the mountains, unaware that one of them had been left behind. That elephant charged at the forest guards from behind and guard Pati Dhibar while trying to escape the onrushing elephant got stuck in a fence and the elephants managed to get hold of him.

Dhibar’s fellow guards mentioned that the ammunition and accessories provided by the forest department to drive the elephants were not sufficient and that was one of the reasons why forest officials many a time became fatal victims.

The deceased guard leaves behind two young children, wife and elderly parents.
His father, Meghu Dhibar lamented that his son was the sole breadwinner of the family and wondered how the family will earn their livelihood.

He demanded the government pay a compensation of 20 lakh for his untimely death.

The deceased guard’s family were demanding a job for his wife, which according to Raj Kishore Das, In Charge Range Officer, Kuanrmunda Range was a possibility in his jurisdiction, but not in Deogarh, to which Pati Dhibar hails from, and as demanded by his family.

Raj Kishore Das said Rs. 20,000 compensation would be discharged immediately for the cremation of the deceased.


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