Elephants Block Banki-Cuttack Main Road, Locals Panic

Banki: Elephants blocked the traffic for a while on the Banki-Cuttack main road today morning.

A herd of over 15 elephants was spotted crossing the road at Dhulia Sandha near Banara village causing panic among villagers and travellers.

According to locals, the herd instead of going to the forest has camped at the Maimoda forested area near Banara village.

Villagers alleged that elephants from the nearby Dompada-Chandaka forest were straying into the villages of Banara, Kuamada, Bhagipur and Mundali in search of food.

They have further alleged that the pachyderms were entering these villages in the night and were damaging crops.

They have complained that the Forest department has not taken any action in this regard.