Engineering Girl Student Couldn’t Cope Family Tragedy, Commits Suicide. Here’s How One Can Overcome Such Situations

**Bhubaneswar:** On Monday this week, the body of an engineering girl student was fished out only after two hours of frantic search by the Odisha fire personnel from the banks of Subarnapur-Jatamundia tributary of Mahanadi river in Cuttack area. The deceased, Seema Maharana, was a resident of Chandrasekharpur area here.

According to some eyewitnesses, Seema went to the Jatamundia bridge on a scooty and jumped into the Mahanadi river at Kandarpur soon after parking the vehicle at around 12.45 pm.

The police investigation suggested that the girl was under tremendous pressure after she lost her mother to killer cancer. Apparently, the girl could not put up with her mother’s sad demise and turned suicidal. It was further disclosed that the girl had previously attempted suicide due to extreme depression.

We see such cases many a time around us and they are all tragic. It is a very natural thing to break down after losing a family member or someone near and dear or going through a difficult phase of life. The situations make one helpless and many lose control over one’s mental stability. But, one should handle these situations in a more practical manner. There are different ways and means where the affected person can be taken out of the trauma.

The loss of a loved one brings up almost every emotion in a weird way. There are times when more than one emotion seems to take hold at once and the person may feel as if he/she is ‘going crazy’. It is natural to feel this way as it is normal to experience a number of different awry feelings.

Losing a loved one can trigger intense feelings of grief. For some people, this grief can lead to depression. Whether one is experiencing grief or depression or both, there are many approaches that can help one heal with time.

Here are some tips that can help one overcome such a situation:

1: Meet a counsellor who can sit and listen patiently and prescribe the cure for the ailment. The best way to get all that out is to spit it out. A friend can also help here by just listening to the person concerned.

2: While experiencing grief, one can instead take more care of oneself. It is a part of process to heal mentally and physically. It can include getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, exploring a new skill, may be taking a cooking or dance class or even joining a book club.

3: Calling or seeing friends or loved ones who can offer support can also be a help to move forward.

4: Be aware of the danger of developing a dependence on medication or alcohol to deal with your grief.

In his reactions Capital Hospital Consultant (Psychiatry) Dr Prashanta Kumar Mohapatra said, “Those who commit suicide like this, definitely there is a mental illness behind it. If an aberration is observed, the nearest psychiatrist must be consulted. The psychiatrist after examination renders appropriate treatment. Prescribes medicine and if required, advises psychotherapy.”

“Psychotherapy is either usually done by the psychiatrist or is referred to the clinical psychologist. In this process, the illness is healed,” he explained.

He further stated, “Definitely meditation helps. But first the psychiatrist must be consulted so that the proper prescription can be made after the diagnosis. At the first stage, medicine should be prescribed and it needs to be followed by intensive counselling.”

“When the person expresses before the family members that he/she is willing to commit suicide, the person must be rushed to a psychiatrist for timely consultation,” Dr Mohapatra advised.

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Dr Prashanta Kumar Mohapatra, Consultant (Psychiatry), Capital Hospital


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