Ex-Bargarh MP Candidate Subash Chouhan Bursts Into Tears After Resigning, Alleges BJP Has Become One-Man Show

**Bhubaneswar:** Expressing utter discontentment, BJP’s former MP candidate from Bargarh Lok Sabha seat, Subash Chouhan, today resigned from the saffron party.

Soon after tendering his resignation, Subash Chouhan in his media reactions said, “Today I had come to the party office here for tendering my resignation from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). I’m extremely saddened not for being denied ticket. BJP is now under the clutch of a certain person here and Sangh Parivar is shielding that person. I’m resigning today registering my protest against that person.”

Bursting into tears while informing about his future course of action, Chouhan said, “I’ll consult my supporters and party workers and take future step accordingly.”

On the contrary, Odisha BJP spokesperson Golak Mohapatra countered, “BJP is a cadre-based party. Nothing of the sort as alleged. When a person thinks only of his self interest, this type of statement is unfortunate when entire Odisha wants to change the incumbent government here in the State.”

“A person, who believes in the organization, works for the organization and party. Such statement is only meant for serving own vested interest. It can’t serve the party’s interest. Our party hasn’t done injustice to any one. Now our party is going to give justice to the crores of people of Odisha,” the BJP leader argued.

This time he had been denied BJP ticket for Bargarh Lok Sabha seat while BJP national secretary Suresh Pujari has been fielded as the MP candidate.

Sources close to Chouhan revealed that BJP leadership was mulling to pit Chouhan against BJD supremo and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for Bijepur assembly segment under Bargarh parliamentary constituency.

On the contrary, Chouhan had sought that BJP should have fielded candidate like Dharmendra Pradhan against Naveen Patnaik in Bijepur, sources close to Chouhan further revealed.

It was also alleged that Odisha unit of BJP under a certain leader conspired against Chouhan for which he was denied party ticket this time for the Bargarh MP seat.

Subash Chouhan as the BJP MP candidate for Bargarh Lok Sabha seat had lost the 2014 general elections to BJD.

Notably, Chouhan had recently been appointed as the vice-president of Odisha BJP. He is an old RSS member and had joined BJP in 2014.

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