Ex-Mumbai Top Cop Arup Patnaik Vents Angst For Unnao, Kathua Shame

Along with the entire nation that has rallied behind the rape victims of Unnao and Kathua and also demanding stringent action against the monsters perpetrators, former Police Commissioner of Mumbai Arup Patnaik has also poured out his deep anguish and spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings through the following article:

If we dispassionately analyse both the incidents it would appear that the Police leadership as well as the state govt not to speak of the law officer at the level of Advocate General of UP have cut an extremely sorry figure as rightly pointed out by the High Court.

In JK the state DGP as always has led from the front & has done a professional job the protests etc from one segment notwithstanding.

The BJP has got itself cornered & we cannot stop its baiters jumping at such opportunities.

It’s not about Modi’s economic or foreign policies nor is the allegation that he was complicit in the horrific episodes but given his absolute control over the party & the cadre could he have acted more swiftly and decisively.

With digital & social media travelling at the speed of light it would be foolhardy to expect our adversaries not to exploit such open & shut shameful incidents at various forums.

Why offer them such opportunities in the first place. These are indefensible matters & the govt cannot shirk its responsibilities by citing achievements etc on other fronts or that the previous dispensation was equally guilty of such horrific incidents or add some communal angle to the narrative.

As a ex policeman I’m pained and shamed the way the father of the victim was arrested, tortured and killed and the MLA openly mocking the SSP in his own backyard.

I have had innumerable such brushes right till the highest political level in the govt including the Azad Maidan incident but the buck has always stopped at my level.