Exclusive Interview With Satyarth Nayak, Author Of ‘Sridevi – The Eternal Screen Goddess’

Bhubaneswar: Bestselling author Satyarth Nayak was in town for the promotion of his latest book ‘Sridevi – The Eternal Screen Goddess’. OMMCOM NEWS spoke to Satyarth about the book and his journey from a journalist to an author. Here are the excerpts….

OMMCOM NEWS: What made you quit journalism and take up full-time writing?

Satyarth Nayak: I was a journalist for five years in CNN IBN, it was quite a fun phase of life. However, writing was something I was doing ever since I was in college. So, I wanted to become a full-time writer.

OCN: Prior to this book, you authored the emperor’s riddles which was purely fictional, then why did you venture into non-fiction with your current book?

SN: My first book was a thriller and my second book was also a thriller, which will be out by middle of this year. So, after two thrillers I did not want to write a third one thinking that I would end up repeating myself. I was very clear and wanted to do something very different. A book on Sridevi was something I had been planning from very long time. When I shifted to Mumbai in 2017, that became a reality.

OCN: What prompted you to chose the iconic star, sridevi, as your subject for this book?

SN: I have been her admirer from many years. I loved to watch her movies always. She is our first superstar. She has ruled Tamil, Telugu and Hindi cinema, thats a rare feat. Her journey on how she evolved as a child star to a superstar, prompted me to write on her.

OCN: Spanning a career of 300 films, sridevi had a huge repertoire of work. How did you manage to represent the intricacies of such a long journey in your book?

SN: It was certainly a challenge. I have interviewed about 60-70 people for this book both in Mumbai and down South who shaped her career during the initial years. With lot of affection they have spoken about Sri. So that remains the narrative of my book.

Watch Sarthak’s complete interview to know some little known facts about the queen of Indian cinema.

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