Expect Surprise Action Against Jay Panda Soon: BJD

**Bhubaneswar: ** As senior BJD MP Baijayant Jay Panda recently crossed his limit resorting to jibes and barbs against party leadership publicly at an inaugural function in Mahanga assembly segment in his own parliamentary constituency of Kendrapada, all are agog to see what action BJD supremo and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is going to take.

Notably, Jay Panda has already created ripples repeatedly earlier through his controversial tweets spitting venom on the party leadership which has put both the party and its chieftain Naveen Patnaik in an embarrassing situation.

In his media reactions, ruling BJD spokesperson Debashis Samantray said, “When our supremo loses trust on somebody and takes action, it always carries a surprise element. Instances galore. If warranted, he (BJD supremo) will take such action this time too. His action never comes all at once amid speculations. Hence, we’re all waiting for his surprise-element-laced action.”

“He (BJD supremo Naveen Patnaik) has already told media that this is a non-issue and he is busy in the developmental activities of the State. He doesn’t have time to make an issue out of a non-issue,” the BJD spokesperson stated.

On being prodded further, he reiterated, “Media has been witness to several such surprising actions previously. In the near past also you have already experienced such an action. Our Chief Minister is a strong-willed person. Let’s wait and watch.”

BJD vice-president and Cooperation Minister Surya Narayan Patro reacted, “No active BJD worker has till date spoken against the party. Some Tom, Dick or Harry is speaking against the party which the party pooh poohs lock, stock and barrel.”

“BJD supported one block chairperson of Mahanga assembly segment had come yesterday and aired her complaint that their MP (Baijayant Panda) is utterly neglecting so far sanction of MPLAD funds concerned. No opinion on it has come yet from the MP. Only his private secretary has given opinion,” he informed.

The senior BJD leader stated, “As the public has lodged complaint with the Chief Minister, he has assured them of enquiry.”

Satyabadi BJD MLA Umaballav Samantray remarked, “This party knows how to gamble on a sturdy and long distance running horse. Our party will never flog a dead horse. Those who quit the party are dead horses (implying former Satybadi MLA Ramaranjan Baliarsingh who quit recently).”

On being asked to name those who spit venom against the party, he replied, “Before speaking against the party, one should think well what the party has given priority to him or her. It should be the first and foremost duty of a politician. Those who speak against the party and quit for vested interest, our party is least bothered about. It’s a big party and its chief is Naveen Patnaik. His decision is paramount. One has to obey.”

“Those who have gone against the party openly, Chief Minister has taken action in the past and also will take now,” the BJD MLA quipped.


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