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Facebook Love: Khordha Police Foils ‘Child Marriage’; Girl Doesn’t Budge, Claims To Be Adult

Khordha:   The timely intervention of the Town Police and Childline officials today stalled an alleged child marriage at Lokeshwar Temple here while the bride claimed herself to be adult and threatened to commit suicide if she was not allowed to marry the boy she has fallen in love via Facebook.

In her media reactions, the girl said, “We are in love with each other via Facebook for the last 6-7 months, but we hadn’t seen each other. Just a month and half ago we met with each other once. Nobody in our family, except my sister and brother-in-law, knew about our affair. My brother-in-law hadn’t disclosed. Last Friday, all our family members knew about it. I made it clear that I’ll marry that boy. My family members agreed but later dithered and even seized my mobile phone. The very next day, I fled home early morning by bus.”

“I’m now 18 plus as I have appeared Matric exam in 2017. My friends are now pursuing +3 courses. My parents are wrong. I won’t go with my parents at any cost. I’ll stay here,” she swore.

The girl’s mother said, “They have forcibly brought my daughter and getting her married. She has been here for the last four days. She is 16 years and three months old now.”

The girl’s uncle also said, “My niece fell in love via Facebook. Neither of them met in person with each other. The boy used to phone her often and threatened to commit suicide. Our girl came here on October 23. Our girl is 16 years and three months old. We’ll take away our girl and law will take its own course.”

Childline member Manilal Sahu said, “We received a phone call from our Bhubaneswar-based Childline colab that a minor girl is getting married at Lokeshwar Temple. I accordingly intimated CDPO, police station and DCPO. Then, we raided this spot. The girl’s maternal uncle and her mother claim that she has appeared Std X last year. The age of an Std X passed student is minimum of 15 years. Hence, she is now 16 years old and a minor girl.”

“Now we have rescued the girl. If her certificate verification reveals that she is 16 years old, we’ll produce her before the CWC and shelter her. The next course of action depends on the CWC’s further opinion,” the Childline member informed.

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