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Fake COVID-19 Drug Unit Busted In Bargarh

Bargarh: A manufacturing unit producing fake COVID-19 drug was busted in Rusuda village under Beden block of Bargarh district, today.

A joint team of Sambalpur and Bargarh Drug Inspectors conducted the raid and found around 12 vials of ‘medicine’ and stickers. One Prahlab Bishi (32) of Bargarh was issued a notice in this connection, informed Bargarh Drug Inspector Susmita Deuri.

Meanwhile, Bishi has maintained that his drug is effective. Prior to the notice he had said, “I’ve myself compounded allopathic medicine to treat Corona disease. I volunteered to bring it to the notice of the Drug Inspector as well as the Government in writing. The Corona injection made by me is 100% successful. For this reason, I personally requested the Government for its trial.”

“One injection is of red colour while the other one is of blue colour. If a case is positive, one injection can be administered. After two hours, the blue or white coloured injection has to be administered. After eight hours the patient will be totally cured of. There is no chance of infecting others,” Bishi stated.

On being asked about the development with the drug inspector and other government officials, he informed, “Responding to my invitation, the Drug Inspector accompanied by two more officials had come yesterday. They made a thorough enquiry. They have today sent the samples to Bhubaneswar laboratory for test and I’m waiting for the result.”

On the media reports, he reacted, “The drug is not fake. Bargarh has the medicine for curing the ongoing pandemic globally. I’m ready to face any sort of legal action, be it prison or gallows. But my medicine is a guaranteed one.”

On being asked how he dared to make such a medicine sans WHO’s nod, he argued, “People worldwide are in a panic. It’ll benefit the whole world. No foreign doctors or scientists are yet to invent the much-sought-after drug.”

“The Drug Inspector has prepared a report after holding interaction with me. No arrest has been made till date. When I have volunteered and lodged complaint from my side, why should they arrest me? I myself went to the Collector’s office, CDMO and Drug Inspector. They don’t have the right to arrest me,” advocated Bishi.

As per sources, Bishi has previously claimed to have sure-shot for treatment for infertility as well. His claim of a COVID-19 drug in the current scenario has sent shockwaves across the State.

A probe has been initiated and further details awaited.

Prahlad Bishi, Claiming To Have Found COVID-19 Drug


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