Fake Journalist Arrested For Showing Pistol At Commoner In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar:  In an intriguing turn of events, a fake journalist was nabbed by the police when he showed a pistol at a common man in a fit of rage. 

This incident occurred in the busy Rasulgarh square of Bhubaneswar on Saturday morning. Notably, a man named Arabind Mishra had parked his car in middle of the road, when an ambulance was try to pass by. Another local man named Pradyumna Kumar tried to convince him remove his car from that place.

“He did not comply to my request, so I told him to remove his knackered car from the middle of the road. This irked him and he pulled out his gun towards me. He introduced himself as a journalist and started abusing me. But, the public came to my aid and informed the police,” stated Pradyumna.

The police have detained the accused for interrogation. It is worth mentioning that he had a proper licence of his pistol.