Fake ‘Naxal’ Extortion Racket Busted In Odisha’s Keonjhar

**Keonjhar**: The Keonjhar police have arrested three miscreants and their mastermind of a fake naxal extortion gang which engaged itself in extrorting huge ransom from big industrialists and businessmen in the mining belt of Joda and Barbil.

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS, Keonjhar SP Jaynarayan Pankaj informed, “About a month back, a group of 20 people armed with weapons came to the main gate of Ardent Steel Company and handed over a letter to the security guard of the company demanding Rs 3 crore booty or else be ready to face the ‘consequences’”.

“During our course of investigation, we carried out several raids in Odisha and Jharkhand. These fake naxals are professional and are known to be involved in such cases in Jharkhand. The modus operandi of this gang is to threaten big industrialists, businessmen etc and extort huge amount of money,” he further added.

The miscreants had mastered the art by using the language mostly spoken by the Naxals, their lingo, accent, style, look, etc were used. They used naxal uniforms and copied their marching pattern, used the words like lal salaam, sangathan, comrade, kranti, etc to fool their prey.

The Keonjhar police arrested three of the gang on 17th of June and the mastermind Abdul Gafur Ahmad on 21st June.

“The police have seized a pistol, 2 ammunitions, 3 country made guns, 5 mobile phones, a Tata Sumo, a motorcycle and Rs 50,000 from their possession. We are hopeful of nabbing the rest very soon,” said the SP.

Making an appeal on behalf of the police to the public of the mining area, SP Jaynarayan Pankaj said, “We appeal all concerned that if they ever face any such threatening or extortion call, please contact the police. We will ensure your safety and security, and also arrest the culprits.”

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