FANI Aftermath: 100% Water Supply Restored In Cyclone Hit ULBs

Bhubaneswar: Normal water supply in the entire cyclone affected Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) have been restored because of the untiring efforts of team from Public Health and Engineering Organisation (PHEO). The team including officers, manpower, technical experts and other resources, drawn from various places inside and outside the State have worked dedicatedly round the clock despite serious difficulties faced in telecommunication for coordination activities.

While 214 heavy duty DG sets have been deployed to provide alternative power supply to provide pipe water supply, 339 water tankers and 1029 PVC tanks area pressed into service to make reach water at the tail ends, head ends and other water stressed areas.

Water supply to Cuttack, Khurda and Jatni which were 50-90 per cent restored yesterday, have achieved 100 per cent coverage today. Bhubaneswar, Puri, Konark and Nimapara have already achieved 100 per cent restoration.

Water supply is restored to pre-cyclone status in Bhubaneswar city benefiting about 10 lakh people within four days of the cyclonic devastation.

As against the normal water supply of 225 MLD (million litres per day) during pre-FANI period for Bhubaneswar, 230 MLD water is supplied covering all the wards of the city. 108 heavy duty DG sets, 145 water tankers and more than 600 PVC tanks are pressed into service to ensure availability of water at the tail ends and head ends areas also.

In Puri town the normal water supply of 28 MLD in the pre-cyclone period has been fully restored with deployment of 24 heavy-duty DG sets, 54 water tankers and 54 PVC tanks. All the wards have been fully covered with treated pipe water supply. This has been achieved within 76 hours after the devastating cyclone.

Similarly in Konark town, supply of 0.99 MLD, against the normal water supply of 0.99 MLD, has already been affected through restoration of water supply infrastructure along with deployment of two heavy duty DG sets, seven water tanker and 15 PVC tanks. With this, the entire Konark town is provided with normal water supply within 76 hours after landfall of FANI.

In Nimapara town, supply of 1.15 MLD water, against the normal water supply of 1.15 MLD, has already been restored after repair and rehabilitation of water supply infrastructures along with deployment of three heavy duty DG sets, seven water tankers and five PVC tanks. With this, water supply to the entire Nimapara town is fully restored.

Secretary, Information and Public Relations, Sanjay Singh in a presser today informed that while 1550 out of the 2364 pipe water scheme has been restored in the affected districts, mobile repair teams are making rounds of all affected villages to restore the dysfunctional tube-wells.


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