FANI Aftermath: 3 Trains Originating From Puri Rescheduled

Bhubaneswar: While train operations at Puri are gradually moving towards normalcy in the aftermath of cyclonic storm FANI, the Indian Railways have made some adjustments in train timings for better operations.

As per a communiqué from East Coast Railway (ECoR), three trains originating from Puri has been rescheduled due to late running of connecting trains and time adjustment.

Puri-Sai Nagar Shridi Express (18407) rescheduled to leave Puri at 0800 Hrs (08.00 AM) of May 11 instead of 2215 Hrs (10.15 PM) of May 10.

Puri-Gandhidham Express (22974) rescheduled to leave Puri at 1430 Hrs (02.30PM) instead of 1030 Hrs (10.30 AM) on May 11.

Puri-Anand Vihar Terminus Nandal Kanak Express (12815) rescheduled to leave Bhubaneswar (NOT FROM PURI) at 1500 (03.00 PM) instead of 1218 (12.18 PM) on May 11.


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