Fani Aftermath: Bhubaneswar Denizens Appeal For Restoration Of Electricity & Water Supply

Bhubaneswar: Cyclone Fani has devastated the Temple City of Bhubaneswar. The trail of destruction will need several weeks for restoration. The uncertainty of restoration of power and water supply has left the residents and commercial vendors scared.

Electricity is the worst problem facing the shopkeepers in Bhubaneswar in the aftermath of extremely severe cyclone Fani. They say, though the footfall of needy consumers has increased several folds, lack of the basic infrastructure – ‘power supply’, has tied their hands.

“Most of the customers are returning empty handed as we cannot offer any services. Our businesses have been badly hit. The markets have become dysfunctional,” a shopkeeper in Cuttack Road said.

Residents of the Capital City are witnessing serious issues to maintain their day to day needs, in the absence of electricity. “There is no power since Friday morning. The shutdown has spelt enormous troubles on our family. We are unable to pump water for basic needs,” a resident of Unit III area said.

Another issue concerning the residents of Bhubaneswar is the humidity which has been prevailing in the city since Saturday morning. Needless to say, the destruction of the green cover would only increase the mercury levels in the foreseeable future.

“No fans, no lights and no coolers. The environment within our house was steaming in the afternoon. We are very concerned for the health of our children and elderly parents,” a native of Unit VI said.

“Water supply is bare minimum need and for pumping water we need restoration of electricity. There is no cooking in our house since Friday evening. We request the administration for restoring power supply early,” a housewife in Unit IX area said.


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