Fani Aftermath: Coast Guard Ships & Aircraft Undertake Relief Operations

Paradip: Five ships, two helicopters and 34 relief tems of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) have been pressed into rescue and relief operations in cyclone affected areas along the coast of Odisha and West Bengal.

The Coast Guard helicopters close to coast off Gopalpur and Paradip to assess the damage post landfall of cyclone and are assisting in relief and rescue operations.

Three ICG dorniers have reached Bhubaneswar to carry out reconnaisance and rescue operations of affected cosatal area.

The ICG disaster response teams are deployed in various fishing hamlets and coastal areas of Odisha and West Bengal to provide assistance to local populcae in coordination with state administration and NDRF teams in Gopalpur, Paradip, Kolkata, Haldi and Frazerganj.