Fani Aftermath: Restoration Of Power, A Moment To Cherish For Bhubaneswar Denizens

Bhubaneswar: Resumption of power supply in Bhubaneswar on Thursday and at some places on Friday morning was a grand occasion. It was a big reason for the denizens of the city to celebrate after reeling in darkness for one week since cyclone Fani hit Odisha.

Diptimayee Patnaik of Jagamara rushed to her relative’s house in Khandagiri after she heard about power restoration there on Friday. “It was horrendous during these seven days. The fan works, it is a pleasing sight. I hope my area (Jagamara) gets electricity soon,” she said.

The storm destroyed several transmission towers and uprooted as many as 156,000 utility poles that need to be re-installed. Thanks to the relentless efforts of the State Government and utility companies electricity could be restored.

“Inside the house it gave the feeling of a blast furnace. And if we went out during the daytime, there was no relief. Only during the evening and night the breeze allowed us to destress after a long, scorching day,” said Sangita Patnaik.

“Our lifestyles are completely dependent on current. Survival is questionable without electricity. We are all very thankful to God and the electricity department for resumption of power supply,” she said.

While the power supply is still not completely restored, the government has sought the cooperation of the consumers saying time is required to fully restore power connection in the cyclone-devastated areas.

Lack of power supply has also hit petrol pumps, banking and health services. The situation has been so precarious that people have started leaving the state capital due to the lack of essential services.


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