FANI Aftermath: With No One To Look After Son, This Lady Constable Brings 2-Yr-Old On-Duty

Puri: The brave-hearts of Odisha Police have truly emerged as the unsung heroes dedicated in fighting Cyclone FANI’s aftermath. In one such shining example, Constable Sanjukta Kujur of Pipili police station brought her two-year-old son on-duty as there was no one to look after her son at home.

The men and women in khaki are currently engaged in relief and rescue operations across the State. Along with that, they are also distributing cooked food to the distressed and helping in rehabilitation of people. In such times when citizens need Police service and their support, Sanjukta was duty-bound.

She was in a fix as her husband is posted in Brahmanigaon and there was no one else to look after their two-year-old son at home. With no other option left, she bravely decided to take her son on-duty during peak summer and proved to the World that ‘Duty Comes First’.

“Smile on her face, undeterred by the adversities and scorching heat… #CycloneFaniAftermath,” tweeted Odisha Police on their Twitter page with a smiling picture of the mother-son duo.


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