Final Electoral Rolls On Jan 21, Mock Poll From Jan 7: Odisha Chief Electoral Officer

**Bhubaneswar: ** The publication of final electoral rolls in Odisha will be January 21 instead of January 4 as the special revision process of electoral rolls had been extended till November 15. Even after this publication, left-out voters can duly apply and get oneself enlisted while mock poll will be conducted from January 7.

Convening a press meet, Odisha Chief Electoral Officer Surendra Kumar informed, “The special revision process of electoral rolls is underway.
Election Commission had earlier slated October 31, 2018 as its deadline. Later on, the Election Commission extended it to November 15 due to our request. Our intention was that more and more voters should be included in the list in a bid to make our electoral rolls transparent and healthy.”

He further informed, “The deadline for the final voter list had been January 4. As our revision process had been extended 15 more days, the final electoral rolls will be published on January 21,”

Briefing certain important data derived from the special revision process of electoral rolls, the Chief Electoral Officer informed media, “About 12,08, 396 Form VI have been received by us, 6,47,486 Form VII have been received to omit name from the electoral roll while 4,65,420 Form VIII have been received for correction in the electoral rolls.”

He also informed, “After publication of the final electoral rolls on January 21, a bona fide voter can include his/her name till the last date of nomination as per the norms. If the application has been made 10 days before the last date of nomination, it is accepted and decision taken by us. Hence, any voter finds deprived of inclusion, can apply even after January 21 this year for inclusion in the electoral roll. As it is an election year, yet there is time to get oneself enrolled and exercise fundamental franchise.”

The CEO added, “For the first time in Odisha, VVPAT machine will also be used with EVM. The last four general elections in Odisha have been simultaneously for the Lok Sabha and Assembly. Hope the same will be this time also. Adequate number of EVM and VVPAT has been received by us for conduct of the general elections this year.”

He further added, “The total number of booths in our State is 37,606. If in future there is necessary of booth basing on the revised electoral roll, auxiliary booth can also be made as per the provision. Now 89,337 ‘ballot units’, 91,869 ‘control units’ (two parts of EVM) and 89,351 VVPAT machines are available with us. We have also requested to provide some more of them all. ‘First Level Check’ (FLC) of almost 95% of the machines have been done by the engineers of the manufacturer and the process is still on. Our total FLC will be completed by January 25 this year.”

“VVPAT machine was used in the Bijepur by-election. But it had been in a single assembly constituency out of the total 147. From January 7, statewide awareness on the use of EVM and VVPAT will be launched. About 7 mobile vans have been deployed in every assembly constituency. Every van will have an EVM set (ballot unit, control unit and VVPAT machine), two demonstrators, two Class IV officials and a security officer. Every van will tour four villages a day. Mock poll will be done there. In case of any doubt, re-mock polling will be done. This process will be for a month in the State. I appeal the 3.22 crore voters of our State to participate in this mock poll process,” stated the Odisha Chief Electoral Officer.

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