Fire Safety In Passenger Buses, Authorities On Alert In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: The fire which took place in a bus at Baramunda bus stand on Wednesday has raised an alert on fire safety in passenger buses. Authorities and bus owners are working on strategies to prevent such incidents in future.

Thursday’s incident was reportedly an outcome of a short circuit and fortunately no passengers were present in the bus. The matter has been taken seriously by locals in the area who said that a major tragedy was averted without any loss of lives.

Regional Transport Officer Bhubaneswar-I said that the bus operators and staff will be trained on fire safety measures and a drive will be carried out to inspect the vehicles soon.

“Fire extinguisher is a must in passenger buses and we will check this during the drive. If we find any violation of the fire safety rules, their license will be cancelled,” he said.

“The vehicle which caught fire yesterday belongs to Pramod Kumar Ray and he is the vice president of our association. It was an unfortunate incident because all the fire safety items were present in the vehicle,” said Sk Kamaluddin, Rajdhani Bus Association president.


Sk Kamaluddin, President, Rajdhani Bus Owners Association

Sudhanshu Das, Bus Staff

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