First Of Its Kind, E-Summer Camp Begins At SAI International

Bhubaneswar: First-ever e-Summer Camp began at SAI International from Monday onwards. This was to raise the spirits of children this summer and engage them in constructive learning activities. Students from Play Group to Class XII of SAI International School, SAI Angan and SAI International Residential School participated with great enthusiasm in a wide array of fun-filled activities, on the first day of the camp, which will conclude on June 14.

The evening Expert Session on Spiritual and Motivational by Dr C.B.Satpathy, who is a renowned spiritual thinker, writer and philanthropists, was highly inspiring. He urged the parents to get more involved in their child’s learning process and encourage their children to develop their innate talent. He asked the teachers to become more tech-savvy, get international exposure, be patient and keep the notes ready for easy transmission of knowledge. He added that the present generation of children are highly knowledgeable, however, as knowledge without wisdom leads nowhere, the role of parents and teachers is to help them convert this knowledge into wisdom.

A plethora of interesting learning activities was held during day 1 of the e-Summer Camp. While Children of Play Group and Nursery learnt Punjabi folk dance and heard stories from the Panchatantra, the participants of KG I made colourful paper collage and learnt Zumba. KG II children immersed in the world of puppetry with our Resource person from Jaipur. Class I learnt a Hindi song and on how to beautify old bottles with acrylic colours and beads, during the session on Best out of Waste. The children of Class II learnt to make a double-layered cake of chocolate and orange in the Master Chef session as well as sang the song, ‘Chota Bacha Janke Mujhko’, synchronising it with the tunes of harmonium and rhythmic claps.

The Class IV participants had a wonderful session on Pot Painting and Drama while Class V had Gymnastics and a session on Robotics. Class VI participants were introduced to Communication Skills, they also did Aerobics and danced to the tunes of Bollywood songs to, keep themselves fit and elevate their mood. Class VII students were introduced to the benefits of yoga and learnt various taals of Tabla, starting with Achyutam Kesham and the learnt Class VIII children learnt the Bhajan Sarwatmaka Sarweshwara from the music resource person diligently.

The Class IX participants indulged in the Sculpture making session and also participated in the session on Science and Magic. On the other hand, class X students widened their horizon and learnt the basics of Spanish along with attending a session on music. To make the class livelier they even sang some Punjabi Bollywood songs. The Higher Secondary students of Class XI and XII had sessions on Hygiene, Hair and Skin along with music and dance. They learnt about the care of hair and skin. Students learnt the various raga and also played songs over the violin guided by the music resource person.

Students had an enriching and enlivening time on the day one of the e-Summer Camp, which aims to sharpen their 21st-century skills and augment their creative minds, as well as boost their morale.

Founder and Mentor of SAI International, Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo said, “The enthusiasm and energy of the students are extremely contagious, that transmits its energy into our hearts and minds. Even in this period of lockdown, the lively participation of the children from the confines of their own home filled us with an unsaid joy. A joyous journey of 14 days has just begun and there is more fun awaiting.”


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