First Wife Stages Dharna In Protest Against Husband’s Second Marriage

**Paradeep:** Another instance of a man involved in two marriages has surfaced in the State closely on heels of the two such instances reported from Rourkela in just a week. A woman and her mother hailing from Kendrapada were found staging a protest in front of an engineer’s house in Paradeep. However, the house was locked and no one was present in the house.

The man identified as Vedprakash Yadav, working in Patna, had allegedly being in a relationship with this woman from Kendrapada for the last 5 years. They developed a relationship in Patna where the accused man was posted and the girl was working as a nurse. They have been in a live-in relation since then.

According to the woman, he had also married her in a temple a year ago and had decided to marry her lawfully this year.

“He had promised to go for a court marriage on May 15, but cheated me and married to a different woman on March 5. One of his nephews informed me about this marriage. Now they were even going to have a reception party on March 9 here. I want Pappu to come forward and marry me in proper manner. No compromise has been reached uptil now,” cried out the victim.

Interestingly, the preparations for the reception party on Friday was already in progress in that house as the tent house professionals were working on the set up in front of the house.

“If such an allegation has surfaced, it is imperative to investigate the whole incident before jumping into some conclusion. If there is any truth in this allegation, we will definitely try to figure out a solution,” informed Manas Parida, relative of the newly-wed bride.

Meanwhile, the accused groom along with his newly-wed wife and his kin are absconding. The family members of the newly-wed bride came forward to have a discussion with the woman, but no solution was reached.

“If a woman and her mother are alleging that they were cheated, justice should be given to her. Even the family members of the bride tried to resolve this issue through discussion with the complainant woman and her mother but notched no solution,” according to Prakash Chandra Hota, a villager.

Another villager, Manoj Das opined, “The newly-wed bride should also be taken into consideration and proper justice should be delivered to both the women.”

However, no police complaint had been lodged till the filing of this report.


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