Former Bijepur MLA Subal Sahu’s Family Were Enticed To Switch Over To BJD: Congress

**Bhubaneswar: ** The political heat with regard to the Bijepur bypoll continues unabated with senior Congress leader Sura Routray on Sunday accusing the BJD of enticing the family of the deceased Congress MLA Subal Sahu with financial and other incentives to switch over to their party.

Speaking to the media, Sura Routray said, “From what I got to hear, Subal Sahu’s family have been given Rs. 3 crore and a flat opposite AIIMS in Bhubaneswar.”

While refuting these allegations as baseless, Prasant Nanda, Spokesperson, BJD said, “These are fabricated stories and totally false. If they want to please others by telling stories, they are welcome to do that.”

The BJD spokes person instead urged the Congress leaders to get in touch with Subal Sahu’s family to know the reason for their switch to the BJD and most importantly to furnish evidence in support of these claims.

Sumit Sahu, son of the late Bijepur MLA too dismissed the allegations as false, instead emphasizing that “Barpali people know to which family we belong to.” While also urging the Congress to verify in whose name the flat is before making untoward accusations. He believes the Congress is making all these claims because they have become a nonentity in Bijepur.


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