Former MP Pradeep Majhi Resigns From Congress

Bhubaneswar: Working President of Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) and former MP Pradeep Majhi resigned from the primary membership of Congress party on Friday. He has sent his resignation letter to party interim president Sonia Gandhi.

“With profound respect and obedience I beg to state with extreme sad and pain that I have decided to resign from the primary membership of Indian National Congress,” stated Majhi in the letter.

The former MP said that he had joined the Indian National Congress party with utmost enthusiasm with a view to serve the needy people, accordingly, the party also provided ample opportunity and placed him at the top of others without any demand from his side and he enjoyed the respective position and gained love and favour of the general public.

“The organization of the party was extremely well managed by your dynamic leadership which gradually declined due to recalcitrant persons occupying the pivot posts at different level and now the party has almost lost its credibility which may take a long time to revive,” alleged Majhi.

“I have a great desire to serve my people at whatever position I am which is now lacking in the Congress party. As such I am painfully quitting the party for which I may kindly be excused. I shall however perform my duties as per your ideology and serve the people with utmost satisfaction,” he added.